Map of participating units attached.

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Roofing update 7/21/17

Bldg 23 - contractor will finish replacing siding on Saturday July 22nd.

Bldg 25 - roofers will complete shingling Saturday July 22nd.

Bldg 57 - stand by. Contractor may not reach your building for a couple more weeks.

We really need your proxy... PLEASE

*PLEASE* – If you have not done so yet, complete and return a proxy ballot, stop by the drop box on the side of the Meeting Hall and grab a blank form. Vote if you wish, and be sure to complete the bottom box with your unit address and signature so your proxy will count toward the required quorum! THANK YOU!

Where in the Village?

A different kind of construction project... Do you know where this stick fort is?

Mandatory Inspections are Due

Inspections are Due: Don’t forget to get your dryer vent inspected/cleaned and your fireplace chimney, if out have one. ALL units are required to provide proof (receipt) of dryer vent and fireplace chimney no later than September 1, 2017.