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Be IN it to WIN it! - Deadline June 22nd 7:00 pm

You’ve got to be in it to WIN it!

Return your proxy by 7 pm Thursday (6/22/17) and be
entered to WIN a FREE Months Maintenance!

Not sure who to vote for? Just complete bottom of proxy, sign and return and you will be in the drawing, and your proxy will count toward reaching the required quorum for the election!

Additional blank proxy forms available on shelf in BEVCA drop box (on side of Meeting Hall, behind blue USPS box)

Annual Election Meeting - We NEED your Proxy - YOU MAY WIN A FREE MONTH MAINTENANCE

ELECTION - CHANCE TO WIN FREE MONTH MAINTENANCE!!!! If you have not yet returned your proxy ballot you have until Thursday, June 22nd at 7 pm (the start of the Annual Election Meeting)to return it and to be entered to win a free months maintenance. We also need your vote to reach the required quorum for the election to take place. Not sure who the people running are? You don't need to vote for anyone to be counted toward quorum and to be entered for the free maintenance, just complete the bottom, sign your name and return.

Visitors to the Management Office this week...

Below are some critters who visited the management office/Meeting Hall this week...

Snapping Turtle, Bunny, Rat Snake (non-venomous), and same turtle. We also saw some beautiful birds, including bright red cardinals and several colorful butterflies! Bunnies are everywhere, we see several every day as we walk and work around the Village. Enjoy the wonders of nature all around the Village!

Projects around the Village...

Work continues around the Village...

Mulch - rain day today, we anticipate them finishing Monday (depending on weather) They will return to areas of Lexington Lane that were passed by due to other work underway. We also have a punch list of areas needing attention/review. If you are aware of an area they may have missed, please let us know by Monday.

Power Washing - begins on all buildings on Manchester Lane on Monday - Tuesday, weather permitting. They will then head down to building 27 and those on Lexington Lane.

Ducks in a row...

I have been experiencing ongoing issues with reaching all of you through bulk email. For those of you who have called to inquire because you were missing the Friday email blasts, thank you!

I will be trying a new service today. So if you receive this by email, then that is a great sign. If you did not get an email and are reading this on the web site, then I'll be back in touch with support on Monday to try and get our email ducks in a row!