Can you find this in the Village?

Can you find this spot? Hint: If there is a strong enough breeze you just might feel a sprinkle. Good luck!

Answer picture loaded... Ans: Big Rock at the mouth of Pettit Pond.

Protecting newly planted lawn areas

Many lawn areas where we have aerated and seeded are being marked off to alert residents to keep off these areas, keep pets off the areas and to alert our landscapers not to mow, blow or treat these areas until we are able to establish the lawn. Please do not remove the stakes or marking tape. We will remove it when appropriate. Residents willing to water the newly seeded areas will be a great help in the process. Without sprinklers, and without residents willing to water, establishing a lush lawn is very difficult.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Fountain is on...

The Pond Fountain was installed this week! Visit the swan and ducks at the pond and enjoy the view!

Spring is in the air...

Spring is in the air and the first signs of color are in bloom!

New barrel planters to replace those damaged over the winter will arrive soon. Summer planting will take place second week of May.

Landscapers have been working all week to clean up the property from the winter and remnants of last fall. This process continues...

Aerating and seeding will continue next week and we are just starting to see new grass coming up in areas seeded last fall.

Next Open Board Meeting May 18th

The April Board Meeting Has Been Cancelled. The next Open Board Meeting will be held Thursday, May 18th at 7 pm in the Meeting Hall.

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