Lawn Aerating in progress

The maintenance staff is taking advantage of the soft, wet soil to aerate many lawn areas around the Village that are in need. If you notice plugs of soil on the lawn, please leave them there. The aerator pulls plugs of soil from under the lawn and deposits them on top. The men then broadcast seed so that some of the seed falls into the open holes. The plugs then breakdown naturally on the surface adding nutrients for the seed.

Board Meeting March 30th 7pm

The next Open Board Meeting will be held Thursday, March 30th at 7:00 pm in the Meeting Hall. Agenda attached.

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The Bears are Back -

There have been several bear sightings around the Village in the last week. Bird feeders have been tipped and trash cans raided. Please review the trash rules and pay particular attention to the need for TRASH CANS WITH LIDS. If you are able, please put your cans to curb the morning of pick up. Thank you for you help in keeping the Village clean!

Rules and Regulations Section 3: TRASH

3. Trash

3.1. Trash shall be kept in closed containers in the garage until collection
day. All trash shall be in plastic bags and tied securely before being

Board Meeting Dates Changed

Board Meetings will no longer be held on the 4th Monday. Instead, meetings have been scheduled for the next six months to be held on Thursday's as follows;

March 30th
April 13th
May 18th
June 22nd
July 27th
August 31st

All meetings are held at 7:00 pm in the BEV Meeting Hall.

Please mark your calendars accordingly and watch for reminders and
agenda notices posted to mailboxes at

Sign up for email notices via the link on our home page.

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Snow removal continues... May 15th 7:15 pm

7:15 pm update: Upper Beacon Hill is completed. Crews are moving to New Bedford

1:30 pm update: Lexington, bunker hill, Quincy, Concorde, Foxboro, Salem, black walnut are all done with the final pass for walkways a nd driveways. Contractor is working on Beacon Hill Rd. and then New Bedford Rd.

8:30 am: Crews are working.
Shovelers started on Lexington and upper Village streets (which were not done yesterday) they will then move to other roads cleared once yesterday.