Snow removal into Wednesday March 15th

Machines will have cleared all driveways at least once today before they stop for the evening. Shovelers are exhausted and will be breaking shortly. Both machines and shovelers will return early Wednesday morning to continue. Some walks will not get done until tomorrow. 31 shovelers are up against 440 mountains of snow, cold and wind. Attached are pictures showing walks i untouched and sadly, a walk that was blown with snow by another units resident.

Update 3/14 5:45 pm: Nor'easter brining lots of SNOW

Update 3/14 545 pm: rear decks and patios should be cleared away from building to avoid ice dams on rear wall (unit owner responsiblity). After final contractor clearing be sure your gas meter is free from snow as well as your dryer vent. Please be patient as contractor is still working on first pass. They began early this morning (31 shovelers and machines) and have had to deal with several inches per hour, blowing and depths on walks of up to 6'. WM schools are closed tomorrow and OEM is urging residents to stay off roads as they work to keep up and catch up with this storm.

Files for download

Snow Storm anticipation March 13-15.

Heavy snow with blowing and drifting, blizzard conditions are possible Monday evening through Wednesday. Please see the attached Heavy Snow Preparations.

Attached is an early prediction graphic. Actual forecast may change as we get closer to the event. We will post updates here as they come in and then throughout the storm.

Winter Weather March 9 2017 update

Measurements around the Village are between 1 and 2 inches (averaging at 1.5") and most driveways already have some amount of melt-off. The sun is just starting to peak through, which will help to melt hard surface areas. The Contractor will not be servicing today. Temperatures are dropping to the teens tonight and over the weekend. Please remove any snow from your driveway/walk as soon as possible to avoid a hard freeze. Our next chance for measurable snow is next Tuesday.

Swans have returned

Two swans returned to the pond today, proving spring is right around the corner!