Ducks in a row...

I have been experiencing ongoing issues with reaching all of you through bulk email. For those of you who have called to inquire because you were missing the Friday email blasts, thank you!

I will be trying a new service today. So if you receive this by email, then that is a great sign. If you did not get an email and are reading this on the web site, then I'll be back in touch with support on Monday to try and get our email ducks in a row!

Street Sweeper was here!

This week the West Milford Township Street Sweeper came through to sweep the streets clean off any remaining grit from the winter months.

Mulch continues

As of Friday afternoon, mulch crew was at Concord Road and Salem Alley. Next week they will continue to Quincy Lane, Plymouth Alley and New Bedford Road to be completed.

Roof replacement

After several delays, in large part due to all the rain, the 2017 roofing project will begin on Monday, June 12th at building 24. Buildings 22, 23, 25 & 57 will follow. (notices will be posted to doors and mailboxes)

Paint schedule prep work

Buildings 27 and 38 through 47 will be painted this year. In preparation for painting contractors will replace rotted trim and siding boards and buildings will be power washed. Power washing will begin on/about Monday June 19th (notices will be put to doors and mailboxes) Building repairs have been completed on bldgs. 27, 38, 40, 42 & 43. Items can be moved back to the patio until notice of the next stage of the project.

We know this project is an inconvenience, but the good news is that it only happens once every 5 years per building!