Important Meeting for BEV residents regarding sale of WM MUA to Suez

Suez (formally United Water) will be at the Bald Eagle Village Meeting Hall on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm to review their purchase of the West Milford M.U.A. water and sewer systems, including the systems servicing Bald Eagle Village residents and located within BEVCA.

Residents are encouraged to come to learn how this transaction will affect them. This will be your opportunity to ask questions specific to services at Bald Eagle Village and to you, the customer.

If you are able to provide specific questions ahead of time by email to, they will be shared with Suez in an effort to keep the meeting moving timely and to allow for full and complete answers.

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Projects around the Village...

Work continues around the Village...

Mulch - rain day today, we anticipate them finishing Monday (depending on weather) They will return to areas of Lexington Lane that were passed by due to other work underway. We also have a punch list of areas needing attention/review. If you are aware of an area they may have missed, please let us know by Monday.

Power Washing - begins on all buildings on Manchester Lane on Monday - Tuesday, weather permitting. They will then head down to building 27 and those on Lexington Lane.

Siding replacement - will be finished up on bldg. 41. We will notice bldg. 39 at least a day before they start (date not yet determined)

Roofing - SATURDAY work on bldg. 24. Building 22 will start on Tuesday. Bldgs 23 & 24 to follow. (If you have not responded regarding your attic skylight, please do so now!) Building 57 will be done after that. If you live in bldg. 57, you will need to make a determination regarding new skylights by the end of next week.

Concrete - work is underway around the Village where problems have been identified. Building 26 patio's can expect to be poured on Tuesday, weather permitting.

Notices for specific work have been placed to unit doors and mailboxes.

Speaking of mailboxes - PLEASE - DOG OWNERS - Don't allow your dog to urinate on the shrubs at the mailbox. The urine is killing the shrubs in some areas! PLEASE and THANK YOU!