Important Meeting for BEV residents regarding sale of WM MUA to Suez

Suez (formally United Water) will be at the Bald Eagle Village Meeting Hall on TUESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 2017 at 7:00 pm to review their purchase of the West Milford M.U.A. water and sewer systems, including the systems servicing Bald Eagle Village residents and located within BEVCA.

Residents are encouraged to come to learn how this transaction will affect them. This will be your opportunity to ask questions specific to services at Bald Eagle Village and to you, the customer.

If you are able to provide specific questions ahead of time by email to, they will be shared with Suez in an effort to keep the meeting moving timely and to allow for full and complete answers.

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Visitors to the Management Office this week...

Below are some critters who visited the management office/Meeting Hall this week...

Snapping Turtle, Bunny, Rat Snake (non-venomous), and same turtle. We also saw some beautiful birds, including bright red cardinals and several colorful butterflies! Bunnies are everywhere, we see several every day as we walk and work around the Village. Enjoy the wonders of nature all around the Village!